Gison Water Fed Air Polishers for Stone

Pneumatic Stone Polishers Guide

Wet pneumatic stone polishers offer many great benefits for stonemasons. Low vibration levels increase the working time users can safely polish and the machines are both lighter and smaller than electric wet polishers. They are built from fewer components, which are all mechanical meaning that they can be serviced in-house and this also reduces the chance of a breakdown.

Pneumatic polishing tools are ideal for intense wet polishing, especially if the machines are in continuous use throughout the day.

This article looks at three different models - the GPW-7 GPW-221 and GPW-221L with paddle switch.

Gison GPW-7
Speed controller

Gison GPW-7

The GPW-7 is the newest addition to our range of pneumatic wet polishers. It is the baby brother in our range but is very powerful and offers many great features. The water and air controls are very simple to use and allow for safe control and easy handling. The water flow is easily adjusted by the T-shaped tap at the back of the machine. The correct flow of water is delivered to the center of the polishing abrasive through an internal water-feed.

The air intake is regulated through a three-way slider that has preset settings. These three levels produce three different and versatile polishing speeds, that can be chosen depending on the material and nature of the work and can be easily adjusted. The body of the machine is made from a strong and lightweight aluminum frame. Weighing only 1.17Kg, this is our lightest air polisher and is much easier to work with for longer periods if you’re used to a traditional wet polisher. The tool is supplied with a side handle that helps stability and accuracy while working. The GPW-7 has a front side exhaust port which allows the user to dry the edge of the slab as they are working to inspect the results.

The three-way slider provides users the following speeds:

  1. 700 rpm - 0.1 HP
  2. 3800 rpm - 0.25 HP
  3. 4500 rpm - 0.43 HP

Although the GPW-7 is our entry-level machine, it is an economical polisher that offers a wide range of user benefits. It is a great choice for those investing in their first air-powered set-up or for customers who require a reliable machine for masons working on the polishing line for long periods.

Gison GPW-221 and GPW-221 With Paddle Switch

Gison GPW-221 with paddle switch
Cold air is ducted out of this sleeve

The model up from the GPW-7 is the GPW-221 and GPW-221L with paddle switch. This machine is more powerful and offers different features. The GPW-221 has been designed with comfort and usability in mind.

The front 'C' shaped handle is easy to grip and helps to easily control the machine while the body is tilted to polish edges. Behind the handle is a water control valve which can easily be adjusted with just a thumb. Unlike the other model, the rear exhaust means that the expelled cold air is kept away from an operators hands.

Water and air feeds are protected from stone dust with a rubber sleeve at the back of the machine. This keeps them together and away from the area being worked, improving the usability of the tool and visibility of the area being polished.

This machine does not have an adjustable slider to regulate the power on the body of the machine like the GPW-7 as it has a standard 'on-off' switch that is easy to use. The red button on the side of the machine allows for spanner-free changing of the tools.

The GPW-221L shares the same great features as the GPW-221 but also has the benefit of a paddle switch as an extra safety feature.

Stonetools offer a 12-month warranty (from purchase date) against manufacturing defects on all pneumatic tools. Just let us know the machines' serial number and we'll take care of the collection, inspection and repair.

Gison Wet Polisher Comparison

 Gison GPW-7Gison GPW-221L and Gison GPW-221 with Paddle Switch 
FittingM14 MaleM14 Male
Maximum Disc Diameter100mm100mm
Maximum Free Speed4500rpm3600rpm
Maximum Horse Power0.43 HP (321W)0.52 HP (388W) 
Weight1.17 Kg1.52 Kg
Air Consumption0.46 m3/min (16.2 cfm)0.44 m3/min (15.5 cfm)
Hose Size6.5mm (I.D.)6.5mm (I.D.)
Sound Pressure84 dBA80 dBA
Exhaust LocationFront/SideRear
Air Pressure90 psi 90 psi
  • T shaped water flow tap
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Side handle
  • Front side exit exhaust
  • Three way speed slider
  • Quick change pad button
  • Adjustable water flow lever
  • Front ‘C’ handle for ergonomic handling
  • Rear exit exhaust
  • Protective rubber sleeve
  • Light and agile

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